Management Team

Govindaraja Atikukke, Cofounder and CTO: Has over ten years of experience in molecular diagnostics and direct working experience using various oncogene profiling technologies including Mass spectrometric (MassARRAY) as well as Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) technologies. Dr. Atikukke has first-hand experience in establishing diagnostic facilities in several multi-specialty hospitals in India

Stephen P. Ethier, CSO:  Has over 35 years of experience in cancer research with over 115 research publications in molecular oncology. With his enormous expertise in cancer genomics and cancer research Dr. Ethier has the right scientific vision to bring the scientific breakthroughs in cancer research to the patients. His guidance will keep ITOS up-to-date with the ongoing scientific discoveries and targeted drug development, which in turn will help realize the ultimate goal of ITOS Oncology to personalize cancer treatment.

Dr. Krishnaprasad, MD (Clinical Adviser): Chief consultant Medical Oncologist at Mangalore Institute of Oncology (MIO). He has a DM (advanced fellowship) in Medical Oncology from a reputed cancer Institute in India. Dr. Krishnaprasad is the first medical oncologist of Mangalore and has vast expertise in the area of cancer chemotherapy, hormone therapy, immunotherapy, and newer biological therapies in treating solid and hematological cancers. Dr. Krishnaprasad has special interest in identifying targetable oncogenes and implementing personalized cancer treatment protocols for the growing number of cancer patients in India.


Dr. Sabeena Misra, Chief Spokesperson: Is the chief of Gastroenterology at Windsor Regional Hospital. Dr. Misra has over 15 years of clinical and research experience in various forms of gastrointestinal cancers.


Collaborators / Advisers

Dr. Lisa Porter, Ph.D.: Scientific Director WCRG: Chair, Biological Sciences Graduate Committee; Associate Professor, University of Windsor


Dr. Caroline Hamm, MD, FRCP(C): WCRG Clinical Director, and Physician Lead Clinical trials group, Windsor regional cancer Program


Dr. Luis Rueda, Ph.D.: Professor; School of Computer Science, University of Windsor