About ITOS


ITOS Oncology is a molecular diagnostic company specializing in cancer. Cancer develops from the accumulation of mutations in key genes, known as oncogenes.  Scientists have now discovered hundreds of oncogenes, and hundreds more will soon be discovered. A typical human cancer is driven by approximately 5 to 10 different oncogenes and every human cancer can be defined by its oncogenes signature. Cancer treatment works best when the right oncogenes is targeted by the right drug in the right patient.  Identifying oncogenes signature in a cancer biopsy sample will significantly improve the outcome of cancer treatment as the treatment can be tailored to target the oncogenes(s) driving the cancer.  In the case when a targeted treatment is not yet discovered the oncogenes signature can be correlated with the most successful chemotherapy regimen or ongoing clinical trials with promising outcomes associated with specific genetic changes. This will not only avoid undesired life threatening side effects but also will significantly reduce the cost of cancer treatment.